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most of what america offers, to a situation where at least you're closer to a decent minimum life." >> are you suggesting then that there is no economic reason why those at the bottom should not share in the gains of economic growth? >> absolutely. there is no economic reason. and in fact, i would go further. we know, for example, that the lower the income of a family, the more likely it is to cut corners on the education of their children because they don't have the resources. so, here's an immeasurable question about the minimum wage. how many young people who are born into a minimum wage family, that is it's so low as we have it today, will never get the kind of educational opportunities, the kinds of educational supports, to be able to realize their own capabilities and to contribute to our society? that alone is a reason, whether you think of it in terms of the long-term benefit of the country, or you just approach it as a moral question or an ethical question. by what right do you condemn a whole generation of young people to be born into families whose financial circumstanc
, this is what makes america and it's a melting pot and why shouldn't somebody from overseas come in and try to get a u.s. citizenship? good for us in america for being a country people want to ben. other readers call and say, how dare they? they are taking advantage of the 14th amendment and taking -- they're finding a loophole in the system to become american citizens and shame on them for trying to do so. >> bonnie erbe: birth tourism is hardly new. in fact, it's been going on for decades. we're about to introduce you to a young woman who was born in the u.s. while her mother was here on a tourist visa and just graduated from the university of california at davis. meet 23-year-old jennifer chi. she looks and acts like any student but jennifer's different, her taiwanees mother gave birth to her in new york city while on a tourism visa making jennifer a u.s. citizen. why did your parents decide to time it so you were born in new york? >> my grandma and uncle were in new york, already, and my mom was visiting them and that's why she decided to have me because my grandmother can take care of
invest a lot of money into russia. the british investor a lot of money. if you compare russia and america, who was more friendly to britain, bp is being torn apart in america. bp in russia was given 20% of the biggest oil corporation in the world. >> the reality is there may be concerns over civil liberties and human rights for gay people. at the end of the day, it is about cash. people like bp are not going to pull out of russia because they do not like what president clinton is doing on civil discourse. -- with president putin is doing on civil discourse. >> president could is pragmatic. he despises. he devised the issues -- he divides the issues from real business. western corporations are more than welcome. they appeared to be the first to putin's wrongdoing against civil society in russia. >> societies are struggling to recover economically. are we destined to be -- to be feeling more miserable? the old model in which success in >> to long hours, lack of sleep, and constantly checking e-mail is not working, she believes. we will hear from her in a moment and from the professor who sa
platform for south america. >> translator: if we look at brazil over the long term its economy has a big potential for growth due to its abundant natural resources. we aim to provide a wide range of products for our customers there. >> auto sales in the country are expected to grow further. brazil will host both the 2014 world cup soccer tournament and the 2016 summer olympic games. last year 3.8 million new vehicles were sold in the country. >>> scientists from around the world are planning to create mutant forms of the bird flu virus. they want to fully assess the risks the virus presents. more than 130 people, mostly in eastern china were infected with the virus earlier this year. 43 of them died. a group of 22 scientists including researchers from japan, the united states and britain released a statement. they will modify the genes of the virus. they want to determine what make it more toxic and resistant to antibiotics and transmitted to mammals. the group carried out studies in 2011 but the u.s. tried to stop publication of the results. the government officials allowed the results
to the justice system have been put in place. intended to drastically reduce america's bulging prison population. averell prosecutors have been told to stop handing out mandatory prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. the move could save the u.s. billions of dollars a year, as jane little reports from washington. >> america's prisons are overflowing. are in california, gyms turned into dormitories as the prison system struggles to cope. the numbers are striking. almost 1% of the adult population in the u.s. is in prison, and close to half of all inmates are serving time for drug-related offenses. taxpayerit cost the $80 billion. it is a legacy of the five decades long war on drugs, which enforced mandatory minimum sentences for even low level drug crimes. the attorney wants to change that. >> a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens too many communities. of our criminal justice system may exacerbate these problems rather than alleviate them. >> the prison population is disproportionately black and hispanic. the attorney dale general
? >> it says that the culture is anxious and hungry for positive stories about challenges that america has met and partially overcome, because they're hungry to know how to perfect this society. i think that that's really at the heart of it. we want to know that the high ideals that we're formed around are continued. we want to know that these challenges still require to be met, and that there's so much divisiveness and fractiousness in our society, and there's a big industry that is constructed around keeping us apart and servicing our opinions and fostering and supporting our prejudices. i think it's the hunger to want to feel like an american, and want to come together to help meet the challenges that we face. tavis: you've said something here now very powerful, and i want to take it, for the sake of conversation and for the sake of pushing you to get your thoughts, and flip it on you. i think you're right about everything you've said. in the tradition of the black church, i'd say "amen" in agreement with everything you've just said. i think that it could be argued that one of those industr
america... este domingo estaremos celebrando la fiesta de fin de verano en six flags america, con artistas como lucky reyes, mizka, joe montana, gocho y frankie j... la cita es a partir de las doce del mediodi Ía este domingo 18 de agosto en six flags, venga con toda su familia y disfrute de las atracciones acuaticas, meca nicas y excelente mÚsica latina... local cae parcialmente. hay reportes de heridos. arrestan a mas de 200 personas supuestamente viculadas con poderosa pandilla criminal. este maestro de escuela secundaria fue arrestado se dice tras supuestamente mantener una relacion indebida con una estudiante. en los deportes les tendremos la previa del torneo avianca univision en sus cuartos de finales. ...que tal bienvenidos...en una noticia en desarrollo.. el techo de un edificio cayo esta noche durante un evento en el sureste del distrito de columbia. alli se encuentra silvana quiroz con los detalles de ultimo minuto.. silvana..adelante. en una operaciÓn denominada al filo de la navaja, el servicio de inmigraciÓn y aduanas junto a investigadores del departamento de seguridad n
in america. >> yeah. they were looking for someone and i think ricky gervais. >> rose: that's what i heard. >> i think jon had asked him when they were promoting the book in london if they knew of anyone. i had never met him at that point. but he knew. kind of stuff i was writing so it all happened very quickly after that. i came over here. and. >> rose: did a piece or stand-up. >> i did a piece, ilanned a sunday night and i was on the show monday. yeah, and i had never been to america before. >> rose: first time you had ever been to america. >> yeah is so it was-- it moved fast, to the point that my stuff is still in storeage in london, that's how fast moves. so there is a time capsule of my previous life in south london. >> rose: what were you doing in london. >> i was doing staun, i was writing comedy for various tv shows and watching the daily show because i loved that was for me the high standard of satire and political comedy on television. that is what i wanted to do in england. and it was very difficult. and i was not, my intention was not to join the thing i loved. >> rose: what i
en es epoca me la se >>> yo tenÍ varios aÑos sfruta muchoaÚsi america, tacruÉiene ves. > sÍnudo areciÓ antes. >>sÍ inclusiveno u otro mento tercamamos >>eso, eÓ elin d ma vierne h que gor. > cohis, sisÍ me claro sie aceptas, al regrar en los dertes, congoliza el re madride deidiÓ de raÚl nzÁlez, en laigde caeon de lconcacaf la victia d cr azul, sobrel eredia costa risalus tis. >>> sosensles, nca s quej del abajo,ode d ve los maniquis vivitese, la rma mas exitos de procior los gocios >> quio uno de es sores en mitos en loÁngese contarem lo que paso ela prier la eva pÍla de eunio derbez. ya voemosonÁs de "deserta america la cata mÁs liz dlatevisiÓn hispan ♪. ♪. . >>> ay si sponen bail teo que cerle segund ♪. ♪ ♪. >>> wow! baa, bailalin. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> mi coins, ince encao del mar, del finitoel mÁs allÁ, bienveda au ograma favori. > asi esbaando conzam el f de sena. >>>uÉanos de la vida y el amisso, spide an grande grande, gran. >>sÍ emen homenaje ante mas de 80 mil personas teÍamos el parti amistoso vre por el treo de stiag bern
. but britain is not advising its citizens to avoid pakistan as america is. it simply warns against traveling to certain places. charles haviland, bbc news. >> let's get the very latest from charles who joins us from there. base for several al qaeda-linked extremist groups. is an al qaeda and taliban presence in many parts of pakistan. lahore has certainly reeled under militant attacks several times in the past few years, not so much recently, but they have reached -- they reached their zenith in 2010-2011. scores of people kled in different types of attacks, sometimes sectarian attacks, victimizing the shia population of pakistan, sometimes attacks sometimesfi tribes, in areas popular with forests -- tourists. yes, pakistan second-biggest city. the u.s. is clearly worried about what it calls a specific threat, but it is not explaining what that means. >> how long will the consulate be closed for, do we know? >> u.s. officials have been asked about this, and they are saying, we really do not know. as is interesting because pakistan was not included in the list of mainly muslim countries in wh
for his study of the role of religion in public life. and particularly, america's tradition of civil religion. among his best-known works was the influential "habits of the heart" first published in 1985, and still required reading in numerous university programs. >>> finally, on our calendar, on august 15th, japanese buddhists observe obon, and also on august 15th, roman catholics celebrate the assumption of the virgin mary. which they believe mary at the end of her life on earth was assumed into heaven, body and soul. and there are more mary celebrations this week in carthage, missouri, where tens of thousands of mostly vietnamese catholics gather where they offer thanks for the freedoms they have in america. that's our program for now, i'm kim lawton, you can follow us on twitter and facebook where i'd love to connect with you as well. watch us any time on the pbs app for iphones and ipads and visit our website, where there's always much more, including audio and video podcasts of this program. join us at pbs.org. as we leave you, more music from bobby mcferrin. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
don't want to talk about racism in america, but why not? we need things to change three . like our attorney says, we need a special prosecutor to deal with these cases. we cannot trust the office at work so closely with the nypd to prosecute them. i don't think you'll ever change as long as they're prosecuting these police. we need real changes. holderrney general eric has openly criticized the u.s. drug saying too many people are now behind bars and it is time for federal sentencing reform. holder made the comments in an interview on npr. >> there are too many people in jail for too long and for not necessarily good reasons. the war on drugs is 30 to 40 years old and there have been a lot of unintended kwanzaa quinces. -- consequences. there is been a decimation of particularly those committees of color. a chief medical correspondent for cnn appeared on television this week and openly apologize for his past reporting questioning the medical uses of marijuana. >> i have apologized for some of the earlier reporting because i think we had been terribly and systematically misled in th
for the national women's veterans association of america when filner, then a u.s. congressmember, made unwanted advances. filner had formerly served as head of the house veterans affairs committee. she said she believes he targeted survivors specifically. >> we are all victims of military sexual assault. it appears to me that he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women in this organization because they were easy prey, so he is part of an organization that is against sexual assault and sexual violence toward women and sexual harassment him a that he is doing the very thing that we are fighting to make stop in our service and in our country. >> she was speaking on cnn. hagel isecretary chuck reportedly completing a number of new rules to address rampant sexual assault in the military after pentagon survey estimated 26,000 people in the armed forces were sexually assaulted last year. the national institutes of health says it has reached an unprecedented deal with the family of henrietta lacks that gives them a say in how her genetic material is used for research. henrietta lacks wa
this bubble. the justice department sued bank of america, accusing that it willfully defrauding investors. report from the national oceanic atmospheric administration says last year was among the 10 warmest on record around the world. full degree were in higher than the previous record, more than three degrees higher than the 20th century average. another study found the earth's climate is currently changing at a rate far faster than any other point in the past 65 million years. theret intervention, could be an annual raise in temperature of 6 to 9 degrees. parts of china are seeing their most severe heat wave in at least 140 years. dozens have died as temperatures have hovered around 104 degrees. the heat has caused glass to crack, roads to warp, and a highway billboard to catch fire. two activists who advocated for the rights of farmers have been found shot dead. the murdered activists were part of the agrarian league. a third member is missing. victims include environmentalists murdered last week, and an indigenous rights activist killed last month. the department of homeland security
avengers in 12 days i would take a long vacation, and america would have been very angry at me. it is all character stuff. i think what made me able to do , people ihe actors knew i could trust, that we were all on the same page because you cannot have surprises. you struck gold lately. i was looking at your work, and we all know there is no such thing as an overnight success, but you really have struck lightning. it happened for you in this space and time. i am curious. what makes it happen for a particular person? everybody has got something they are trying to get done, yet for certain individuals it starts clicking. that happened for you. >> if we are talking about the i have been a yearssional writer for 24 , so there were a lot of nights. avengers happens because of connections. proving your self. i got the most was how did you get this job? it was the groundwork i made for years of making tv and proving myself and building up to it and building this troupe of actors. started a micro- to make our own stuff. it is years and years of extreme effort. i do not do anything else. i do not
in 1962, maybe 1961. at the voice of america radio station. this fellow heard me playing the guitar at a party and i said, i have to get you on tape. i have lots of stuff. it was a real to rio. there was nothing to do. year in high school, i would have been there back in tampa. that was all that i had. that recording, my style had emerged virtually whole. i was startled when i heard it four years later. appreciative are you that your style emerged whole? >> the chaos of my family and the moving that we did. that tape managed to survive. we were pretty chaotic. the second thing i am grateful for. i've played lead guitar and grateful somewhat. not wait to get electrified guitar. the music that you're making, could not wait. eric clapton, those boys. tavis: there was a point in time where you had written a couple songs the you were sure were not that good. i asked you to set your humility aside. what song was it, that you're that's-- you recall good? >> for what it's worth. i had finally gotten the band coming up and we were over the royal canyon. for aere having a funeral bar called p
osay mÁn "deierta america", chos quetienen stos pa nosoos? >>> rpreidoson la ticias >>un angelocuidab Ántashoras? >>> 22 hora >>> traste de flot ela play >>condiÓn fÍca creible. >>fue milagro, un Áng lo levantÓ >> hay que tene una coiciÓ fÍsi extrrdinaria. sino naguaas. >>> s pescades son buen nadao, pero hora >>> rmalmental estar nsad la posiciÓ que ase, para descaar y e marabieo ensta posiÓn, pareces u foca, y qÉ va a pasar, t van a comer. >>mientr noe evas no >>> co que no >>> cuestÓn devimito. >>hablando de movimiento, van a pear q eoy loca pern portal, calor enos ranos es futisi y y h muchos incendios restes re lo quhizo el atvido piloto. estoa a se el vid l dÍa. >>> eso. > muy bn onny, eÁs Ée moonado. >>> sÍ, coadre. el piloto llÓ a la piscin min lo cercaue eÁ e agua la paleta. Í. suce que cerca de ahi noabÍa agua se le acaÓ el agua que nÍa, donde podÍa arrar pa agar e fuo, yio esta piscin y dibuo. aquÍs que, lo hizo tres veces, no una solvez para pode apagarl fuego que taba cer dea casa. >>> me prest sscina ra nadar. > no
into your wednesday. now, up into north america, we are seeing drenching rain across the eastern half of the u.s. and dry weather across the west. particularly dry across the northwest. more wildfires could occur, unfortunately, due to gusty winds and also dry thunderstorms here. now, talking about quite heavy rain across the east. lots of rain is coming up from the plains into the mid-atlantic region at this moment. as we go into tuesday, heavy rain will return across the deep south and eastern seaboard including washington, d.c., and new york city. that could impact your morning commute. temperatures are going to be cooling down slightly across the east. 28 degrees for you in washington, d.c., and 26 degrees in new york city. excuse me, 28 degrees for new york city as well. finally in europe, lsevere weather is battling many areas, but areas like denmark, northern germany, nice conditions will return. and you can see some nice conditions in some places. this is the picture coming out of denmark yesterday. and if you are living in the southern parts of the continent, you could be see
to the americas. severe weather in the central plains. last week we were talking about serious flooding out here. it looks like a cold front is diving in from the north right now, bringing yet more heavy rainfall in kansas, oklahoma. ping pong sized hails, winds out of this storm system as it drifts down to the south. another system moving towards the atlantic seaboard. this will not be as potent but it's still bringing storm systems and ushering in colder air behind it. dry, cooler air mass coming in out of canada. winnipeg, toronto, you'll see temperatures go from the mid 20s down to the low 20s and even the high teens, especially in the overnight hours, by mid week. that's a look at your world weather. here is the extended forecast. >>> many of japan's big summer festivals are getting into full swing in the middle of a heat wave. the most popular is the awa odori in western japan. about 700 dancers from 33 groups turned out sunday in tokushima city. they performed to the sounds of flutes, drums and the traditional three-stringed instrument, the shamisen. >> i really enjoyed the dancing by so
, hora, sena en dÓe migina? >>> espita amÉca."com. >>> grital >>>desprta america co > gina los gritos > hay e teinar la mana con ena musica. por favor. >>> mos c isito nos intados. >>> quÉ t, gan, Íjense, directente dee rez cates, egan para ender n su rio,Úsi y ergÍ la cita de "spiea Éri", la banda, la chacosa de jere > sÍsÍ mÁs engia evan dz aÑos en mÚsica de herse fuadla nda, desdel pncio cosÓ trabaj s pocionon muy en como hieron pa no pelear, son 16 ermejuntos parados, platicanos un poito. >>> apte deer integrante de la band somos grandes amis, s lleÓ a llarnos bi, y ser torantesypaente en do. es, cr que l base de que to saa bien y maenerse unidos siempre. >>me lma laatenÓn e nomb de s dio. elencill quean acantar, se lla "otro trago" >>> É tien que v consto delalcoho son mportos? >>> no noomos nosotr, es al que sea codianamen, elr u bar, el brindar con los amigos e se tra de la cancion,Ás spcio. a s jeres les gusta hacerse rogar. esta vdecimo yabaa, esvo hasta ahÍ para. >>> dilo. se presenrÁn vio lugares en estÍas vienen a hacer gi. >>si, e
matters: a history of sexuality in america." julian bond is also with us. juliano to florida to bond. when you heard president obama would be awarding bayard rustin the highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, your thoughts, having known bayard for many years? >> i was overcome, it seemed long overdue, happy to hear it, surprised to hear it, but glad to hear it. guest in go to our chicago, and john d'emilio, wrote the book about bayard rustin. audience, bayard rustin is not a household name, yet he was the main organizer, together with a philip randolph, of the march on washington, but his activism goes way back. he was jailed for refusing to fight in world war two. could you give is a brief history? forever, but in won't. the mosts one of important social justice activists in the 20 century. as a teenager in west chester pa., he stood up against racial segregation. he moved to new york and join the communist party for a while, got a sense of the injustices of capitalism, but then in the 1940's, 50's, and 1960's, made his home in the had a time when we were not only faced
...este programa piloto estara bajo evaluacion.. jornada de marchas y huelgas en america latina... colombia vive hoy el segundo dia de una huelga promovida por sectores agropecuarios... la primera jornada coincidio con un puente festivo y transcurrio hoy con una baja adhesion y algunos bloqueos en carreteras resueltos por la policia, que detuvo a por lo menos 22- personas... segun la policia, doce mil quinientas personas participaron en manifestaciones en 17 partes del pais.. el jefe negociador de las farc ivan marquez, manifesto su apoyo a la huelga.... en peru, gremios de enfermeros realizaron una marcha para denunciar proyectos de ley que afectaria sus derechos... los manifestantes afirmaron que si son aprobados, su labor, fundamentalmente con recien nacidos, podria quedar en manos de los obstetras... la secretaria de la junta directiva del colegio de enfermeros, dio a conocer que mas de 56 mil enfermeras a nivel nacional han participado de esa movilizacion.. agrego que las autoridades del ministerio de salud pretenden que los obstetras cumplan la funcion de atender al recien nacido, cuando e
bajo evaluacion.. jornada de marchas y huelgas en america latina... colombia vive hoy el segundo dia de una huelga promovida por sectores agropecuarios... la primera jornada coincidio con un puente festivo y transcurrio hoy con una baja adhesion y algunos bloqueos en carreteras resueltos por la policia, que detuvo a por lo menos 22- personas... segun la policia, doce mil quinientas personas participaron en manifestaciones en 17 partes del pais.. el jefe negociador de las farc ivan marquez, manifesto su apoyo a la huelga.... en peru, gremios de enfermeros realizaron una marcha para denunciar proyectos de ley que afectaria sus derechos... los manifestantes afirmaron que si son aprobados, su labor, fundamentalmente con recien nacidos, podria quedar en manos de los obstetras... la secretaria de la junta directiva del colegio de enfermeros, dio a conocer que mas de 56 mil enfermeras a nivel nacional han participado de esa movilizacion.. agrego que las autoridades del ministerio de salud pretenden que los obstetras cumplan la funcion de atender al recien nacido, cuando eso le corresponde a la
america, and a large business in europe -- >> and china at seven-plus percent. but we're at the same time talking about one to two. >> i would say the u.s. economy-- my view is the u.s. economy is sort of skating sideways. >> rose: skating sideways. >> we don't see any significant improvement. we don't see any significant deceleration but i don't see signs of significant improvements. >> rose: sliding along at 2% g.d.p. and you see no signs. >> no. >> rose: in your judgment-- you're a harvard law guy and all that. i don't know what that made you, but. i don't know how much economics you studied at harvard law but you've been on the front lines. what's necessary to change that dynamic, not only in terms of raising the level of g.d.p. growth but in terms of employment that-- unemployment that has been at 8% and 7%. >> i don't have the cure for the economy. if i did, i'd have a very different job, i'm sure. >> rose: you mean you'd be at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? >> no chance, no chance of that. >> rose: if you had a cure to the economy, you probably could get to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >>
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